LEC Superweek had highest peak viewership for Europe, Riot says

The European League scene keeps breaking records.

Photo via Riot Games

Europe has quickly become one of the most competitive and popular League of Legends regions in the world. In fact, the LEC held its Superweek for week one of the 2020 Summer Split and the extended weekend hit some huge numbers in terms of viewership, according to Riot.

The Superweek ended with the highest peak viewership for Europe at just over 479,000 viewers, Riot announced today. Several matches during the Superweek also had over 430,000 peak viewers, including all three of Fnatic’s games and G2’s matches against Team Vitality and Origen.

Overall, Riot said Superweek had a 254.24 percent increase in total hours watched over its three days, while over 13 million total hours have been watched across the first four weeks of the season.

Across the Summer Split, the LEC’s average minute audience—which calculates how many fans are watching at the same time—has grown 81 percent compared to the 2019 Summer Split, according to Riot. The league’s growth doesn’t stop there, however.

Last month, the LEC released a music video for Diplo’s “On My Mind” that featured some of the broadcast’s most popular on-air personalities. That video has already hit over one million views on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, according to Riot. The 2020 Summer Split promo video also has over one million views across those platforms.

This year, Europe has become one of the more exciting regions to watch for League. Fiery, young rosters like Rogue and MAD Lions have risen up to challenge the old guard of the LEC. And as a result, League fans have seen some of the best games in this region.

The LEC will be back in action on Friday, July 17 at 11am CT.