League’s Poro King game mode to return with new Night and Dawn event in Patch 9.24

Time to start rolling those snowballs.

Image via Riot Games

It’s almost time for those seasonal snowball fights. League of Legends’ Poro King game mode is set to return in the upcoming Patch 9.24 with a new versus event to celebrate the holiday season.

Riot Games is bringing back the Dawnbringer and Nightbringer skin lines with a new batch of skins for the upcoming Night and Dawn event. Karma and Nidalee are receiving Dawnbringer skins, while Lee Sin and Vladimir are getting new Nightbringer looks. Soraka is siding with both sides for this versus event and will receive new looks for each of the skin lines.

The Poro King will make a comeback with the patch’s release. And to celebrate the Night and Dawn versus event, Riot is introducing two new Poro Snax to the game mode that are so fittingly named the Dawnbringer and Nightbringer Snax.

When a player feeds the Poro King a Dawnbringer Snax, he summons Dawnbringer Riven’s blade and hurls the player into the teamfight. Upon consuming a Nightbringer Snax, he summons Nightbringer Yasuo’s wind to “disrupt and disorient” the opposing team.

The game mode will also feature a few quality-of-life changes, including ARAM’s randomly assigned champion selection process. Additionally, all of ARAM-specific items, champions, and rune changes will be included when Poro King returns.  

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Poro King will make its comeback in Patch 9.24, which is scheduled to hit live servers on Dec. 10. The game mode is now on League’s Public Beta Environment for those who want to start throwing snowballs early.