League’s Patch 9.17 lore update embarks on Rengar’s hunt

Today’s story offers a new perspective of the rivalry between Rengar and Kha’Zix.

Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends universe got a new short story named “Adaption” for today’s Patch 9.17 lore update. This time, readers are taken to the jungles of Ixtal to join Rengar in his hunt of the “wrong-thing.”

After being outcast from his homeland, Rengar returns to the tribe of the Kiilash to offer his father Chieftain Ponjaf a display of trophies, each collected from years of hunting. The Pridestalker is welcomed back into the clan but is given a task if he is to stay: bring back the head of the “wrong-thing,” an abomination that stalks throughout the jungle.

Rengar agrees to the challenge and sets off through the foliage. He comes across his prey but notices its quick speed and sharpened blades as the “wrong-thing” hunts raptors with its primal hunger, slowing only when the last bird has died.

Here, readers learn of the “wrong-thing’s” true identity. The insect-like creature, armored with an outer skeleton that’s “blackish-purple like rotten fruit,” can only point to one voidling: Kha’Zix.

From a branch, Rengar drops onto the Voidreaver, knife drawn. But Kha’Zix saw Rengar approaching before he pounced and the creature pulled out a set of wings, evolving to face the attack. In a fury of blades and wings, Kha’Zix cuts Rengar’s eye out and swallows it whole, sending the Preystalker into a rage.

After hours of fighting, Kha’Zix flees. Rengar collapses to the ground from fatigue but finds a new sense of connection to the creature. As night falls, he learns from his opponent and vows to adapt in his own way, determined to kill his prey.