League’s new AFK system is now live

The democracy kicks off at minute 15.

Photo via Riot Games

It’s almost impossible to find an ultimate fix to get rid of all AFK players in League of Legends, but Riot has been working hard to make it more bearable to have an AFK player on your team by introducing new LP and surrender mechanics.

With Patch 10.24, teams with an AFK player in their ranks will be able to start an early surrender vote at the 10-minute mark. This change is currently only available for Summoner’s Rift, and the vote has to be unanimous.

If the vote isn’t unanimous, teams will have an option to vote again at the 15-minute mark. The second vote will only require a majority to pass.

When a player leaves a match or gets detected as AFK, their team’s LP loss may also be reduced. Premades with disconnected or AFK members and players on their provisional series will be excluded from this loss reduction. This means that if you get an AFK or a leaver during a provisional series, you’ll still be granted a loss. 

The changes will be up for feedback, and things may still change drastically over the course of the pre-season since Riot mentioned it would be paying close attention to LP in order to prevent any negative LP trends.

Though Riot didn’t reveal more details with the 10.24 patch notes, it mentioned that the LP consolation would be capped on a week-over-week basis. LP consolation will consider variables throughout the game to determine an LP value to provide to players affected by an AFK on their team in the game, meaning there isn’t a flat discount percentage that everyone will receive once there’s a leaver in their game.

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