League’s Clash returns to EU servers for testing on Sept. 30

Rally your team for another round of Clash.

Image via Riot Games

Clash is returning to Europe for a two-day testing period and eligible League of Legends fans will be able to register their teams in just a few days.

The testing period for the tournament mode will be open to players in both European servers and those in Russia. Players can begin creating their teams on Sept. 30 and the signup period will remain open for a week until Oct. 4. Participating is free, but players will need to be sure that they’ve finished their ranked placements and are at least Honor level two to qualify.

Once registration is complete, there will be two back-to-back days’ worth of tournaments beginning Oct. 5. Tournaments will feature eight-team brackets and teams can choose which of the two days they would like to participate on.

During the testing period, Riot will be testing rolling bracket starts. Teams will no longer need to lock in at a specific time but can do so at any point during a multi-hour window. From there, teams will be placed in a bracket when one becomes available. Likewise, the League developer will be testing an additional bracket repair tech to resolve any bugs that may arise during the test period.

Those who participate in the Clash test will receive loot boxes, a summoners icon, and victory points, which players can then redeem for banners and team logos.