League support items are changing in 2020, Riot says

The support role will be looking quite different next year.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games’ 10-year anniversary celebration stream brought a slew of new games and changes to the League of Legends community, some of which won’t be making it to the game until next preseason.

The dev team revealed gameplay changes in a recent developer’s post, where some big adjustments are being made to supports and their items.

“They’ll be less poachable and have an expanded quest system that should be more satisfying overall,” Riot said about the new support items. “We’re also reducing the current complexity and rules bloat of the lineup.”

One big change for the 2020 preseason is that support players will no longer have to buy upgrades for their starter items in the shop. Instead, these items will automatically upgrade themselves to their second and third forms when certain milestones are reached.

The upgrades to the support items are as follows:

  • Tier One – Starting stats and gold generation passive
  • Tier Two – Stats improved, three wards added
  • Tier Three – Major stats upgrade, four ward capacity, gold generation passive removed

By allowing the support item to upgrade by itself, this will let players get a head start on their item builds without having to save up money for the starter item first. The four starting support item options are as follows.

  • High AD + Low HP + Spellthief’s passive
  • High AP + Low HP + Spellthief’s passive
  • Low AD + High HP + Targon’s passive
  • Low AP + High HP + Targon’s passive
  • Coin removed

With the removal of coin, Riot has also changed the interaction of Targon’s—ranged champions will now be able to use the execute element of Targon’s passive for health.