League streamer gets pentakill but loses teamfight after enemy Akshan revives all of his teammates

"Dear friends. Please stop dying. Love, Akshan."

When League of Legends’ newest champion, Akshan, dropped onto the game’s live servers late last month, many players were divided on one of his passives that can instantly revive his teammates. And one Twitch streamer named Elekktro recently ran into a scenario with this new ability in a match where he got a pentakill in the opposing team’s fountain, only for the entire team to spawn back after his death.

The hilarious moment happened in the later stages of the game, where death timers are set at around 45 seconds. Elekktro was able to clean up four of his enemies earlier on while he and his team pushed into the enemy squad’s base for the win. At this point, they were knocking at the Nexus’ door with mid lane opened up. But in classic solo queue fashion, the team decided to dive the fountain to give Elekktro his pentakill.

He did end up grabbing the pentakill, but he also died to the opposing team’s Akshan in the process, which activated the champ’s revive mechanic. Since the streamer had killed everyone else on the other team, four enemy players instantly spawned and ended up successfully defending the base. Elekktro still said it was completely worth it, even though they weren’t able to finish the game off.

Later on, however, the enemy team continued finding teamfight wins that eventually led to the streamer’s team losing the game. There were 141 kills in the 36-minute match, and although Elekktro’s Kindred had 30 kills, he wasn’t able to secure the win.

Akshan’s revive passive is something that most players must be wary of, especially in the later stages of the game when death timers are long and can be the difference between a game-winning base push and a last stand at the Nexus. It also doesn’t help that your own teammates will probably have low health after a fight, which will give the enemy Akshan’s team a huge advantage.

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