League players have started a petition to remove Kleptomancy from the game

Makin' money moves.

Image via Riot Games

A handful of League of Legends players have started a petition to remove the keystone rune Kleptomancy from the game. We’ve seen all sorts of different rage, complaints, and conspiracies come from League’s Reddit community, forums, and Twitter over the years, but this is a first.

The petition was posted on Change.org, one of the most popular petition-making websites out there. So far, it only has 31 virtual signatures at the time of writing this. But that’s already a good portion of the petition’s goal, which is 100.

The picture used on the petition’s page is one of a baby being fed something it doesn’t want, where the baby represents the players, the food is Kleptomancy, and the parent is Riot. Apparently, these players really, really don’t like this rune.

There are only two comments on the petition so far. One simply says, “Viktor,” referring to his synergy with the newly-updated Kleptomancy in this week’s Patch 8.23. The other says “cancer rune,” which is self-explanatory enough.

The rune’s update this week changed its functionality to trigger twice with basic attacks after using an ability and receive at least five gold each time. Thanks to the change, it became one of the game’s most popular runes overnight, and players at the very top of the competitive ladder are running it on almost anything. Morgana, Lucian, Ezreal, Kai’Sa, Draven, and, of course, Viktor have all been used in tandem with Kleptomancy, rivaling even Dark Harvest in sheer popularity, despite the latter being so OP on patch day it needed a hotfix.

Even if this petition met its goal, which it realistically could as the goal is relatively low, we doubt Riot would actually remove the rune. Even if the petition racked up 1,000 votes, it still probably wouldn’t be removed. The best case scenario for those in favor of the motion is probably a nerf or change, but even that’s a stretch. Still, though, we admire the moxie.