League players have discovered that Azir has 7 game-breaking bugs

The champion is apparently unplayable in his current state.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends, like many other games, has had to deal with its fair share of glitches and bugs over the years. But one player has discovered that Azir “remains very bugged and near unplayable” due to seven game-breaking bugs in his kit.

This player posted these complaints on the League subreddit last night, where he said that every bug listed was easily replicated. In every two to three Azir games, he said he’ll run into one of these glitches. They affect multiple crucial parts of Azir’s kit, from his towers to his soldier placement.

Here’s the list of bugs that Azir is suffering from at the moment:

All of these bugs have to do with key aspects of Azir’s abilities. Shifting, for example, is the biggest reason why this champion can be strong since it gives him incredible mobility and access to the backline. But getting stuck on objects in the world completely negates his effectiveness.

Azir’s tower has had the targeting laser bug for a long time, though. It was even occurring in 2015, which was less than a year after Azir’s original release date.

With so many bugs left unchecked, Azir players haven’t been able to play their favorite champion without needing to deal with problems in many of their games.