League players experience strange collision bug while passing through base’s gate

Raise the gates.

Image via Riot Games

Bugs are not too uncommon in Riot Games’ League of Legends, but Reddit user u/h1fra posted a clip of a bizarre collision glitch preventing two players from exiting their base.

Only seconds after the game began and players started running to their respective lanes, a Nautilus and Evelynn player were prevented from leaving through the front blue gate. Eventually, the two were only briefly allowed to pass into the jungle before being pulled back to the base multiple times.

After nearly 30 seconds of trial and error, Evelynn seemingly rectified the situation by backing away from the gate and allowing Nautilus to pass. Despite standing in a nearby brush, Nautilus had not escaped the nightmare since he was once again teleported back into the base. Ultimately, the pair of trapped champions had to recall to escape their imaginary prison.

In League, each base has several auxiliary gates aside from the three major openings from each respective lane. These gates are only accessible by the specific team defending the given base, blocking any enemies from entering through one of these sites. Enemies can still either flash over the walls or use their abilities to scale the gates, but only teammates can normally pass through these areas.

Unfortunately for the pair of summoners caught in this impasse, the two could not escape the gate. Many commenters on the initial Reddit post theorized it was a glitch with a collision between the two players themselves rather than the gate since the players collided before reaching their intended destination. Either way, the two eventually escaped and returned to their game before too much time had been lost.