League players are reporting connection issues after finishing matches

Players are getting stuck in games that have already finished, or are getting stuck in champ selects.

Image via Riot Games

Many League of Legends players have reported they are suffering from some connection issues that is preventing them from leaving games that have finished. Other people have reported that they are getting stuck in champ select after locking in their choice as well.

“If you’re trying to play on the EUW at the moment, it looks like there is a server-related issue happening and the devs are looking into it,” Riot Games said on its support Twitter account. “Sadly, this might take a bit to resolve but Loss Prevented is turned on for now.”

It looks like the server problems are only happening to players on the Europe West servers at the moment—there haven’t been any complaints from players from any of Riot’s other servers yet, so hopefully this is an isolated incident that the developers can solve quickly.

It was unfortunate timing for some high elo players as well, because some people were forced in stay in a game until their LP decayed significantly. The bug has also affected some pro players, including Team Liquid’s Nicolaj Jensen, who is in Europe for the team’s Worlds bootcamp.

Riot has disabled ranked queues for the time being while the team searches for a solution to this issue.