League player uses Wukong to bamboozle their way to a double kill

This player wasn't monkeying around.

Image via Riot Games

It seems League of Legends players still haven’t gotten used to Wukong’s rework.

A League player used the Monkey King to absolutely outplay two opponents earlier today, escaping with their life and a double kill.

The Wukong player went for a cheeky play, decoying toward the enemy jungler and trying to make a failed attempt to steal Rift Scuttle. This put the Monkey King in quite the precarious position, being caught in the middle of Gragas and Garen. But some quick thinking helped the player come out on top.

Things appeared grim at first, with the player being silenced by Garen and stunned against the wall by Gragas’ Explosive Cask (R). But it seems all the Wukong player needed was their “S” key. By pressing “S,” the player was able to stand still and fake decoying. This bamboozled both enemies to think that the real Wukong was actually running toward the tower. While this bought enough time for the Monkey King to flash away, things didn’t end there.

Both enemies continued the chase, diving tower to finish off Wukong who nursed a sliver of health. But Wukong’s new rework allows him to knock up enemies twice with his ultimate, which seems to have slipped the opposing players’ minds. The knock-ups incapacitated the two adversaries long enough for the turret to deal tons of damage and grant the Wukong player a double kill.

Despite getting hotfixed almost immediately after being pushed live, Wukong’s rework appears to still be causing issues. Riot disabled the Monkey King for the final weeks of the LEC, which includes the Spring Playoffs.