League player uses Teleport on minion to block Akshan’s ultimate

Exactly how they drew it up.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player was down to their final shred of health and was being targeted by an ability that would assuredly take them down. The heroics of a teammate and a nearby minion allowed them to escape certain death. 

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a League player being targeted by the ultimate ability of an opposing Akshan would have certainly been killed off if not for a teammate channeling Teleport onto a nearby minion, effectively turning them into a shield for their retreating teammate. 

In the clip, a Dr. Mundo player had been caught in a two-vs-one skirmish on the opposing side of the map. Thanks to a flurry of damage from an enemy Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time (R) and Akshan’s Avengerang (Q), the Dr. Mundo player was brought to within an inch of their life. The beefy tank had just one bar of health remaining on their total hit point indicator by the time they escaped the skirmish. The Akshan player wasn’t finished, though, and made an attempt to cast Comeuppance (R) on the retreating Mundo. 

As the seven bolts from Akshan’s ultimate flew across the mid lane, they were quickly stopped in their tracks by an approaching minion. And although Akshan’s ultimate can be intercepted by any opposing unit, the minion failed to take any damage at all thanks to an opposing Veigar player channeling their Teleport onto that minion. 

Since the channeling of Teleport makes its target invincible across the duration, the minion was unfazed by Akshan’s ultimate, taking all shots of Comeuppance to the face and brushing them off. After dusting the dirt off their shoulder, the minion continued to push forward, joining the rest of its wave down the mid lane, while the Dr. Mundo player headed back to base with their life barely intact.