League player uses Raptor camp to secure cross-map kill on low-health enemy

A true display of skill.

Image via Riot Games

Escaping a one-vs-one battle in League of Legends can often be tense, especially when both players walk away from the fight. One League player made sure they ended up on the winning end of one particular skirmish, though, even if they had to enlist the help of neutral monsters on Summoner’s Rift to come out on top. 

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a League player secured a cross-map kill on a low-health player after a one-vs-one fight forced both of them to retreat. In the clip, the player, who had been playing Ezreal, used the assistance of the Raptor camp across the Rift to finish off his escaping enemy. 

In the clip, the Ezreal player was engaged upon by the Talon player, and the two traded blows while navigating through the red team’s bottom-side jungle. When the Ezreal player brought the enemy Talon within an inch of their life, the two went their separate ways as the Talon player narrowly escaped towards the mid lane.

As the Talon player approached the top-side jungle after crossing through the mid lane, the Ezreal player let loose a Trueshot Barrage (R) in an attempt to finish off the low-health adversary. The Ezreal’s ultimate narrowly missed its target, however, striking the neutral Raptor camp instead of the escaping Talon. 

Since the damage from Trueshot Barrage (R) caused the Raptors to wake up and attack the nearest passerby, the Talon player happened to be the unlucky player closest to the neutral jungle camp. Of course, landing Trueshot Barrage (R) on the enemy Talon would have finished off the kill without having to worry about assistance from a third party, but the Ezreal player secured the kill, regardless.

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