League player turns seemingly certain death into a triple kill with Gnar

Gnar's quick thinking helped his team secure the win.

Image via Riot Games

Gnar is one of the best champions in League of Legends when it comes to pulling off outplays because his health pool is so deceptive due to his form change.

One League player recently showcased Gnar’s capabilities with a play in which they turned their imminent death into a triple kill.

Sometimes, overextending for a tower isn’t always bad—and this Yordle proved that. The Gnar player picked up the enemy’s top tower without having any vision around them. The player started retreating once they saw the enemy support engaging on them. This was a clear sign that something was about to happen.

Without a rage bar, it looked like Gnar was in a rough spot since he couldn’t face the Zed and Kha’Zix who both decided to ambush him. But he didn’t lose focus and kept hitting his opponents to quickly fill his rage bar. With less than five percent health remaining, Gnar managed to jump away from the fight and buy the crucial time needed to transform into Mega Gnar and turn things around with a quick combo.

After killing Kha’Zix and getting back some health from the Triumph rune, Gnar turned his attention toward Zed, killing the helpless ninja with one combo. Bard joined the party as well, dying to Gnar as quick as his teammates.

The next time you’re low on health while chasing a Gnar with a nearly full rage bar, it might be best to just turn around and avoid the fight—even if the Gnar only has a sliver of health left.

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