League player steals Elder Dragon with Pantheon ultimate, wipes enemy team to win game

Swooping in to turn the tide of battle.

Image via Riot Games

Elder Dragon is perhaps the most table-turning objective available in League of Legends. When a team claims its buff, a game is essentially all but over since the squad on the losing end can only wait to see their health bars evaporated in the next teamfight. 

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a League player used Pantheon’s ultimate to dive in from halfway across the map and steal an Elder Dragon buff at the final possible moment. 

In the clip, the Pantheon player began to channel Grand Starfall (R), with the endpoint of the ultimate ability targeted directly into the center of the dragon pit. The enemy team had brought the Elder Dragon well below 50 percent HP, and as the Pantheon player swooped in, their arrival (the second part of Grand Skyfall) dealt enough damage to earn the objective-securing blow to the dragon. 

Thankfully for the Pantheon’s team, the steal prevented disaster since the enemy team had secured the previous four dragons and a Cloud Soul. If they had earned the Elder buff, the game would have most likely been out of reach. 

Once the Elder Dragon’s buff was in the Pantheon’s possession, though, all they had to do was clean up the remaining players in the dragon pit who had done most of the work for them in the first place. The enemy team’s jungler and support—who were playing Diana and Blitzcrank—were instantly taken down upon Pantheon’s arrival in the dragon pit by a combination of abilities and the Elder Dragon’s execution effect. 

From there, the Pantheon player made quick work of the final target present in the skirmish—an Akshan player—to secure the ace and begin the final push toward victory. The Pantheon’s team went on to win the game, according to the Reddit post.