League player smites Baron at zero HP

You've never seen a smite like this before in League.

Image via Riot Games

Fights around Baron Nashor are almost standard practice in League of Legends. The neutral objective is one of the most important in the game, providing the team with a valuable buff.

Sometimes fights around Baron end up in one jungler stealing it at low health. But one player took that premise to another level by using the summoner spell to finish the monster while it was at zero HP.

The clip was uploaded to Reddit and begins with the Baron at around 3,000 health. Both teams were fighting in the Baron pit to get the objective.

Outside the pit, we can see Lee Sin fighting an enemy Yone, who was trying to finish the jungler before he could steal the monster, already low on health. He failed, however, and the Blind Monk used his Dragon’s Rage (R) to kick Yone away.

After using his ultimate, Lee Sin flashed into the pit in order to try his luck at stealing the Baron. And the champion succeeded, even though the Baron’s health bar seemingly reached zero before Lee Sin used Smite. It’s hard to tell if the killing blow came from the Blind Monk or if it was just a visual bug.

One takeaway from this video is that you should try to bring your jungler when aiming to get important objectives on the Rift. If you don’t, you might end up with enemies stealing them—even if their health has already reached zero.

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