League player singlehandedly saves Nexus with Kai’Sa and snags a pentakill


Image via Riot Games

One League of Legends player gave new meaning to the words “hard carry” last night.

Despite being the only player alive, u/Pinkurl was able to save their Nexus against five opponents and claim a coveted pentakill. In a video posted last night, the AD carry player showed excellent mechanics to come out on top in a one-vs-five.

The ADC player spawned into five enemies storming their Nexus turrets, armed with Baron buff and a whole lot of minions. While some players might have thrown in the towel, Pinkurl charged forward.

The opposing Pantheon was the first target to go down, flashing forward in hopes of stunning the ADC. But Kai’Sa used Supercharge (E) to go invisible, throwing the Unbreakable Spear off and taking him out. Pinkurl then used their third auto attack, which gets empowered by Kraken Slayer, to destroy Vayne.

Though there were only three targets left, Kai’Sa dropped to 72 health. But the quick-thinking player used Killer Instinct (R) to reposition and gain a shield, getting help from The Collector and Runaan’s Hurricane to simultaneously execute Warwick and Morgana. All that remained was Lux, who slung a snare in Pinkurl’s direction. The player flashed away from the skill shot, though, and finished off the mage for the pentakill.

Despite Pinkurl’s incredible efforts, their team went on to lose the game three minutes later.

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