League player shows off power of AP Kai’Sa with pentakill

From hunter to pray in a matter of seconds.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends players can build ability power on Kai’Sa in the mid lane so effectively right now that they can get easy pentakills. Sometimes, though, they’ll also die immediately after. 

In a clip on Reddit shared by user NamiUltedJP, a League player who selected the Daughter of the Void hunted their enemies down one by one, only to be taken down immediately after scoring a pentakill.  

The match was already in its late stage when a fight in front of the fourth drake of the game broke out. Initially, Kai’Sa and her team were not in a favorable position, having lost one of their members almost immediately. But the protagonist of the video clip made the situation even by eliminating one of the opponents with her Icathian Rain (Q). 

In an exchange of blows, the opponents took down another one of Kai’Sa’s teammates, leaving only one ally on her side. But with clear vision and no one in her way, the Daughter of the Void launched a Void Seeker (W) projectile that one-shot a full-health enemy Morgana, thus declaring the beginning of the hunt. The remaining opponents were already low on health thanks to the drake attacking them out of its pit when another Void Seeker took down the enemy AD carry and the top laner a few seconds later. It looked like they “walked into that one,” as the Void’s daughter would say.

Only one more shut down stood between Kai’Sa and her pentakill. And with Void Seeker hitting everyone in her way, the enemy should have been “prepared for what’s next.” Chasing down her opponent toward the mid lane, the Daughter of the Void flashed toward the enemy Graves to get close enough to use her Icathian Rain, only to be blinded and wounded by the enemy. In a final exchange of blows, Kai’Sa earned her pentakill, only to be killed immediately after by the last attack shot by her dead opponent. 

In the current League meta, AP Kai’Sa is becoming more popular, not only in fun game modes like ARAM but also in the competitive scene, with even Faker locking her in during LCK play. Right now, Kai’Sa has a 47-percent win rate with an average 7.5 KDA score, according to Champion.gg. But the percentage of bans for Kai’Sa has increased from last week, as well as the average damage dealt by the Daughter of the Void in the mid lane.