League player shows most optimal path to fully clear the jungle as Yuumi

The cat has found her way into the jungle.

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When it comes to innovating in the League of Legends meta, some players are so preoccupied with whether they could that they don’t stop to think if they should. In this case, a YouTuber named Phylaris has found the quickest and most optimal path for Yuumi to fully clear the jungle with no health potions used and Teleport and Smite as summoner spells.

The clear begins with Yuumi buying Emberknife and starting at red buff, while also starting with her E ability, Zoomies. This ability heals the Curious Cat and gives her bonus attack speed and movement speed for three seconds, which is important to kite the buff and take it down. Some players might be tempted to level up her Prowling Projectile first, but the cooldown on the ability is far too long at level one.

With proper kiting and Smite, the Yuumi player is able to take down red buff in just over 30 seconds. She then levels up her Q ability and heads over to blue buff and gromp, in that order. Kiting is key for the early part of the clear because after these three camps, the player recalls to base while placing a ward near the wolves. She also levels up her E ability once again.

After buying Kircheis Shard, Yuumi uses Teleport to head straight to the wolves camp. After taking wolves, she jumps over to the Raptors, which is one of the tougher camps to clear since there are plenty of enemies to take care of. Luckily, her Zoomies ability is on a 10-second cooldown, which keeps her healthy enough to finally get to the golems.

The full clear takes about three minutes and 22 seconds, which is surprisingly quick for a champion with no jungling tools in her kit. Hopefully this doesn’t inspire some mad scientists to start bringing Yuumi into the jungle in solo queue, but it’s an impressive feat that should push for competition in the budding jungle speedrunning mini-game.

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