League player shows just how terrifying Duskblade Darius can be

As if his true damage ultimate wasn't enough.

Image via Riot Games

With League of Legends’ 2021 preseason officially underway, players have been experimenting with various builds to prepare for the upcoming ranked season. And one Reddit user recently highlighted the latest lethality-oriented Darius build that’s been discovered.

The highlight of this lethality build is the Mythic item Duskblade of Draktharr. The item deals bonus damage on a 15-second cooldown, but you can reset the effect and gain an invisibility bonus on takedowns.

In what initially looked like a lost teamfight, Darius took control of the game thanks to Duskblade—and with the help of some swift moves. He killed the enemy Katarina in the blink of an eye and gained invisibility for a small period of time. But it was more than enough time to reach the rest of the team. Darius proceeded to take down champion after champion, gaining invisibility in between each elimination en route to a quadra kill.

Following this fight, Darius and his team managed to take the neutral objectives and turn the tides of the game, securing victory from the jaws of defeat. The power of Duskblade was also shown during the enemy team’s point-of-view in the replay—they could barely see Darius in the fight.

Darius has always been a strong champion, but he fell out of the meta due to various reasons, such as his lack of mobility. Duskblade fixes some of those issues, though, by allowing Darius to turn invisible after a takedown, giving him enough time to reach his next target without being kited.

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