League player secures kill after Nexus explodes

Secured the kill at the buzzer.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player somehow secured a kill after their game officially ended—and it counted for their scoreline. 

A Reddit clip from today showed a League of Legends player, who was on Mordekaiser in the video, single-handedly taking down the enemy team’s Nexus after losing a teamfight and securing a kill on an enemy player long after the Nexus exploded. 

Mordekaiser’s team lost an important teamfight in the video, losing four members of their team without taking down any opponents. However, the one player to escape the skirmish with their life teleported directly into the enemy team’s base, pressuring their Nexus while they regrouped after the teamfight. 

The Mordekaiser player, who dealt a significant amount of damage during the initial teamfight, output just enough damage to destroy the enemy team’s Nexus, using a minion wave to push into the base and secure the victory. 

However, as the Mordekaiser player was hitting the Nexus, the enemy team, still licking their wounds after the recent teamfight, rushed back to their base with low HP totals. An enemy Galio came to play defense, and Mordekaiser quickly dispatched him, but the killing blow only connected after the animation for the destruction of the Nexus started playing.

The Mordekaiser player secured the kill on Galio after the Nexus exploded by starting up the animation for Obliterate (Q) when the allied team was hitting the opponent’s Nexus. Because the game recognized that the Mordekaiser player was channeling Obliterate when the Nexus went down, it prioritized Mordekaiser’s kill over the match ending. The kill counted for the Mordekaiser player’s scoreline since the clip shows the team received gold for the kill.

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