Alistar player’s perfect flash saves low-health ADC and helps them snag a double kill in League solo queue

And then, they won the two-vs-two to top it all off.

Image via Riot Games

One League of Legends player served as a true savior from the support role earlier today when they valiantly flashed in front of a projectile to save a dying teammate. 

In a standard level two bottom lane two-vs-two, an Alistar player played the part of a hero in an otherwise simplistic skirmish.

In the clip posted earlier today, the Alistar player saw their lane partner on Samira losing their HP quickly. But from there, the trade took a drastic turn. After the AD carry player flashed away from the enemy ADC, who was playing Aphelios, more summoner spells were traded and the enemy team found itself gaining the upper hand. 

When the Aphelios player flashed after them to continue the chase, the Samira player was brought to within inches of death. With what could have been no more than two-percent HP, Samira was in prime position to be cut down by the Aphelios’ Moonshot (Q).

That’s when Alistar jumped in to intervene with a perfectly timed flash to cut off the Aphelios’ projectile and save their ADC by the skin of their teeth. But perhaps what’s more impressive than the incredibly well-timed flash is the fact that Alistar and Samira completely turned the exchange around just moments later and finished the kill on Aphelios and the enemy support as well.

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