League player dies to perfectly timed Rift Herald charge in solo queue game

Wrong place, wrong time.

Image via Riot Games

In League of Legends, death is often a puzzling mechanic. Many players will scratch their heads at the immense amounts of damage they’re hit with during a teamfight, wondering exactly where it all came from. Sometimes, though, there’s little room for questioning—especially when the Rift Herald charges right into you to deal a fatal blow. 

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a League of Legends player was killed by an emphatic charge from the opposing team’s summoned Rift Herald. 

In the League clip, a Pantheon player uses their Eye of the Herald trinket before engaging their lane opponent in a one-vs-one fight. The Pantheon player had a three-level advantage on their adversary, a Vladimir player, so the fight wasn’t exactly level from the start. The Pantheon player used a full combo of abilities and auto-attacks on the Vladimir player, adding a cast of Ignite for good measure. 

The ticking damage from Ignite brought the Vladimir player down to their final sliver of health, only for the previously summoned Rift Herald to swing by at the perfect time, charging right through the Vladimir player and dealing the killing blow. 

When summoned, the Rift Herald is instantly leveled up to the average level of the five champions on her team, and her attack damage will scale accordingly. Her charge attack may deal true damage to structures and towers, but the damage it deals to enemy champions and nearby minions actually scales off of her AD. 

The summoned Rift Herald can have anywhere between 80 and 200 attack damage when summoned, and her charge attack will always deal 200 percent of her attack damage when cast. Since the Vladimir player had exactly 88 HP left thanks to the final tick of the Pantheon’s Ignite, the Rift Herald was able to chip away at the last remaining bits of their health pool, sending them back to the fountain with an exclamation point. 

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