League player channels xPeke with nail-biting backdoor on Zed

Fifty gold secured.

Image via Riot Games

Usually, the term “xPeke” is thrown around without context whenever a backdoor is involved in a League of Legends game. But a Zed player actually paid tribute to the former Fnatic mid laner himself by bobbing and weaving around enemies’ abilities, jumping around the Nexus, and securing an impressive win by way of a backdoor.

In a clip posted earlier today, a Zed player managed to infiltrate the enemy base and take down their Nexus after a lengthy game of solo queue. 

In the clip, the Zed player used Living Shadow (W) to get past the walls of the enemy base and start marching toward the Nexus. Immediately, they were spotted by the enemy team, whose support player began to spam the assistance ping right on top of the Nexus. We’ve all been there, right?

From there, the Zed player causally hit the Nexus nine times before even being approached by an enemy player, bringing the Nexus down below half of its full health. The Zed player then used Living Shadow again to jump over the Nexus and dodge a Light Binding (Q) from an enemy Lux player, while then using Death Mark (R) to become untargetable, forcing the enemy Sejuani player to completely whiff their Glacial Prison (R). 

The Zed player was able to withstand several ticks of damage from their enemies. Just a few more auto attacks were needed to take down the Nexus and secure the elusive backdoor. The game lasted 43 minutes in total, with each team grabbing at least 43 kills in the lead-up to the chaotic finish.

In short, the game was the truest embodiment of League solo queue.

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