League player blindly steals Baron with Jinx’s ultimate—twice

"I accidentally did that on purpose."

Image via Riot Games

A Jinx player gave new meaning to the words déjà vu.

One League of Legends player got two Baron steals in a solo queue match, using Jinx’s Super Mega Death Rocket! (R) to claim the objective all the way from spawn.

As the seconds counted down for the Jinx player to respawn, it was clear that the enemy team was on Baron despite having no vision. So the player went for the Hail Mary and shot their rocket as soon as possible. The result? A Baron buff for the home team.

While it may have been unlikely for that to happen again, Jinx’s rocket was a recurring nightmare for the opposing team. Later in the game, the player respawned again and shot their ult again at the 29-minute mark, snagging another Baron for their team.

Though it’s unfortunate for the enemy jungler, there’s little they could’ve done in the situation. Jinx’s rocket deals additional damage based on distance traveled and the enemy’s missing health. And since the ultimate was fired from the fountain, it did a huge chunk of damage on an already-wounded Baron.

The rocket killed the second Baron when it had around 1,500 health, for example. That’s far more than the opposing jungler’s 800 smite damage.

Despite being down for a considerable part of the match, the Jinx player and their team came back and won the game, according to op.gg.

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