League of Legends World Championship 2015 Day 2

Today’s Matches KT Rolster vs Team Solo Mid The first match on the second day is also the first match of Group D. The #3 seed from Korea will be facing off against the #2 seed from North America.

Today’s Matches

KT Rolster vs Team Solo Mid

The first match on the second day is also the first match of Group D. The #3 seed from Korea will be facing off against the #2 seed from North America. TSM enters this tournament with a lot of questions following their last performance on an international stage at MSI and a win here would signal that they cannot be taken lightly in this very difficult group. For KT, this is the first World Championship for their organization and it comes off winning the Korea Regional Finals against a Jin Air squad that had been picking up steam in the previous two rounds. The mid lane battle of KT’s Nagne vs TSM’s Bjergsen will be key to the match. If Bjergsen can get far enough ahead, he may be able to carry TSM to victory. Otherwise, KT has a strong top lane and a bot lane that should, at minimum, go even with TSM’s and that should be enough for KT to win.

Advantage: KT

LGD Gaming vs Origen

The second match of Group D is also the second matchup of China vs Europe. The #1 China seed comes into this as the favorite among experts to advance out of this group in first place. The #3 seed from Europe has four players who have competed in past World Championships and are no strangers to the big stage. Lane to watch is bot lane with last year’s World Champion winner imp against newcomer Niels and also Pyl against mithy.  LGD’s imp certainly has the ability to carry his team on his back and it will be up to the newest member of Origen, Niels, to keep him down along with mithy.

Bangkok Titans vs SK Telecom T1

SKT are big favorites in this matchup of Wild Card vs #1 Korea seed in Group C. The Titans were destroyed yesterday by EDG in only 20 minutes and that is likely to happen again with SKT having huge talent advantages in each and every lane. The one thing to watch is to see if sub mid laner Easyhoon gets to play in this game for SKT or if Faker plays his second match.

Advantage: SKT

H2K vs Edward Gaming

Another Europe vs China matchup puts the third seed from EU against the second Chinese seed in Group C. EDG are favored coming off a 20 minute stomp against the GPL Titans while H2K lost to SKT in a game where they had an early lead. EDG also used AmazingJ yesterday as it appears he will be their main starting top laner for this tournament. H2K will rely upon Ryu to carry if they have a shot in this game.

Advantage: EDG

Flash Wolves vs KOO Tigers

The Flash Wolves come into this match having lost the longest game of the tournament yesterday to CLG. Meanwhile KOO had a slight hiccup early vs paiN but were able to roll easily to a victory. If KOO can avoid making those same mistakes, they should once again be able to win comfortably against the Flash Wolves. Watch for KOO’s star support Gorilla, who took over yesterday on Thresh and hit beautiful hooks while the Flash Wolves’ ADC Kkramer got caught by multiple cocoons in the late game vs CLG leading to their loss.

Advantage: KOO

Counter Logic Gaming vs paiN Gaming

Coming off a long game against the Flash Wolves, CLG hopes to find the sledding easier taking on paiN. Clutch skillshots by CLG’s Xmithie and a huge CS lead by Doublelift kept CLG in the game leading to their win. Meanwhile paiN hopes to be able to capitalize on any mistakes CLG make as they were unable to maintain their early lead vs KOO. CLG should win this match and they should look better than they did yesterday.

Advantage: CLG


Game of the Day

The game of the day is the second match of Europe vs China and the second of Group D. LGD Gaming hopes to get their World Championship off on the right foot with a win as they take on Origen. LGD has very talented players with Acorn in the top lane, GODV in mid, imp and Pyl in the bottom lane. Their jungler, TBQ, is the weakest on their team but the rest of the team has enough talent to win their lanes. If Origen’s Amazing can outpressure and counterjungle TBQ, it should alleviate some of the pressure in his lanes. Season 1 World Champion mid laner xPeke has been known to step up his level of play in World Championships and he will have to once again if Origen is to win against LGD. Origen’s experience should keep this match tight and whomever delivers in the clutch will pull out a victory. I think LGD will win by riding imp’s skill advantage against Niels, Origen’s least experienced member.

Advantage: LGD Gaming