League of Legends players report receiving Samira emote

Players are yet to pinpoint what has to be done to earn the emote.

Image via Riot Games

Gearing up for worlds, League of Legends players have begun noticing a strange emote inside the game.

Surrender at 20’s Moobeat shared an image of the emote, explaining that players had not yet worked out what would trigger the emote but maybe they will be lucky enough to receive it.

The emote appears to be a ranks S-style emote with what appears to be a rose behind it. Many have connected this to an upcoming champion that has been teased by Riot recently called Samira.

Simira was leaked by Brazilian content creator Streamie earlier this month and is reportedly a Noxian markswoman with an impressive kit.

Reddit users have been comparing scenarios with each other of how they received the emote, but players still have not come to a solid conclusion on what will unlock the emote. Some suggested it is given out to players who secure a takedown while on low health, while others said it is connected to scoring takedowns after exhausting all their abilities. But both of the theories were busted by other users who reported receiving the emote without doing either.

Riot is not giving out any hints to how players can acquire the emote, with League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter taunting players with a tweet.