League of Legends players are experiencing a frustrating camera-lock bug

The bug has been affecting players for a long time, though.

Image via Riot Games

Over the past couple of League of Legends patches, players have reported that they’ve been suffering from a new camera-lock bug that has many people slamming their keyboards in anger.

The bug affects players who use the space bar to center the camera onto their champion. When you press the space bar, the camera will return back to the champion, but it shouldn’t lock the camera. Unfortunately, the bug locks the camera in place and the only way to unlock the camera is to click the camera button next to the mini-map, or to click around the mini-map multiple times.

Although many people have reported that this bug has just started up over the past few patches, other players have said that it’s been affecting the game for a long time—over the past couple of years, in fact.

This bug is usually a mild annoyance, since most people play League with a full, unlocked camera. Not being able to click away and check other parts of the map can be quite irritating in the moment. Not being able to click away from someone’s champion could be game-changing under the right circumstances, though—such as looking for a teleport flank or using a Shen ultimate on the right person.

Riot Games should look to fix this bug in the next patch as we approach Patch 9.22 and 9.23, which will be dropping on Wednesday, Nov. 6 and Wednesday, Nov. 20, respectively.