League of Legends player steals Baron with Leona’s Zenith Blade

The timing was perfect.

Image via Riot Games

Baron steals aren’t something that you see in every game of League of Legends, but they are reasonably common. What isn’t common is managing to pull one off with an ability that isn’t traditionally used to deal damage.

This is what happened in the case of one player’s highlight clip, where all it took was the ray of light from Zenith Blade to finish off the Baron and steal its buff for the team.

Zenith Blade is the E ability of Leona, a support champion with plenty of crowd control and some surprising damage. Zenith Blades’ use is usually to close the distance between Leona and an enemy to set up a stun, but it does deal a small amount of magic damage.

In this particular game, the enemy team appeared to have Baron on lock with no vision available to Leona or her team until it was on less than 2000 health. Leona then looked to enter the Baron pit and make the steal by launching Zenith Blade.

Right before the ability was able to hit its target the enemy jungler Lee Sin smited the Baron in hopes to finish it off. Instead, he left it on low enough health that when Zenith Blade found its target, it took home the buff along with it.

It seems this was more luck than careful planning from Leona, but still an extremely impressive steal nonetheless, and something that players will struggle in replicating.