League of Legends player pulls off insane Lee Sin kick into a Wombo Combo

The play led to an Ace and an easy dragon secure.

Image via Riot Games

One unlucky League of Legends team found out the true meaning of putting a foot in their mouth.

A League player posted a perfectly executed Lee Sin play on Reddit last night that allowed their team to wipe out the opposing squad and secure the dragon.

With the enemy team pressuring the Mountain Drake, the Lee Sin had to improvise to turn the tides. The player used Q on the dragon to close the gap with their adversaries and quickly ward hopped in front of the enemy Tristana. Using Dragon’s Rage (R), the player kicked the AD carry into four of their teammates for a huge knock up.

As the four opponents were grouped up, Leona was able to slow them down with her ultimate while Qiyana launched her Supreme Display of Talent (R) to deal tons of damage and snag a triple kill. The well-coordinated Wombo Combo led to an ace and an easy dragon.

Lee Sin clips are often coveted because of the champion’s high skill cap and intricate mechanics. The Blind Monk is the most popular champion in the current patch at around 17 percent, according to Champion.gg. But his win rate hovers below average at 49.3 percent.