League of Legends player fools 4 enemies with insane fake Flash

"My best getaway in seven years of playing."

Image via Riot Games

Executing a perfect “fake Flash” in League of Legends is a risky endeavor and can be difficult to pull off. But one quick-thinking player made it look so easy.

Fake Flashing entails pretending to use the summoner spell to blink over a wall but actually traveling to a nearby bush with it instead. A League player posted an epic getaway on Reddit yesterday, using Flash to trick four enemies and return to their Nexus safe and sound.

With a sliver of health remaining and four opponents closing in, the player had to improvise. Using Pyke’s Phantom Undertow (E), the savvy player created some breathing room between themselves and the enemies. But instead of going over the wall toward their Red buff, they fake Flashed into a nearby river bush and duped the entire enemy team.

Luckily for the player, there was no vision in the river bush despite it being a common location for placing wards.

Things looked grim for a brief second when the opposing Quinn appeared to be heading toward Pyke’s new hiding spot. The Bloodharbor Ripper was able to get their back off safely, however.

If there’s one thing the enemy team can learn from Pyke, it’s “sometimes a shark takes the bait and sinks the whole ship.”