League of Legends player dies 700 times in a single game to break death world record

Who cares about dying?

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player recently broke the world record for most deaths in one game. The EUW player Lowo died 700 times in a 151-minute ranked game playing as Nunu.

That’s almost five deaths per minute. After looking at the stats on League of Graphs, it seems like Nunu just kept running toward Ahri to feed her kills while the other players played out the game normally. Nunu also had zero kills or assists.

Screengrab via League of Graphs

Even though the deaths seem to be planned, the time in which the record was broke is impressive. The Nunu player optimized their build for death efficiency, only leveling W and building movement speed items like Boots of Mobility and Twin Shadows.

The previous death record was held by EUW player Wukony, who died 686 times in a 207-minute Janna game. Both records were set in Ranked Flex where players are more likely to queue into a five-stack of friends, making it easier to pull this off.

The Ahri player almost got the kill record in this match, too. That’s set at 694 kills by “d5 janna otp” on EUW in the same game as Wukony’s previous most deaths record.

Those are far ahead of the third-highest kills in one game, set at 322, while the third-most deaths is only 169. Those records are very different for the League pro play, though, with 17 being most deaths in a game, held by Chan “KoaLa” Roong Han.

These records aren’t validated by Riot, though. Otherwise, players would just get in line to get killed and keep trying to break records. But that doesn’t mean these numbers are less impressive.

Here are some other League world records.

Most kills in a single pro game: 24

Marcus “Valkyrie” Ko Chin Siong got 24 kills in a match between Insidious Legends and KTHXBAI, averaging more than a kill every two minutes in a GPL 2015 Spring match. Valkyrie broke the 23-kill record set in 2013 by CJ Entus’ Seon “Space” Ho-san.

Most kills in pro play career: 3,150

Popular mid laner Rookie has accumulated 3,150 kills in his career from 2013 until this March. That’s just nine more than Uzi, who held the most kills record in League for years. He broke the record with his first pentakill against OMG. There’s a considerable gap back to third after the two LPL players, though. Faker has around 3,000 kills in his career. 

Longest game: 94:40

During the 2018 LCK Spring Split, fans witnessed a 94-minute match between Jin Air and SK Telecom T1. And the game only featured 24 kills. The lead shifted 10 times. SKT failed to close it out against Jin Air, who made an unbelievable comeback centered around the Elder Dragon.

Shortest game: 11:48

This match was between Malaysian KL Hunters and Russian Armageddon at the IEM Season Seven Singapore in 2012. It was a massacre with 19 kills for KL Hunters in 11 minutes. Armageddon were up to the task in that season, losing fast once more to EloHell in just under 13 minutes to claim both the shortest and second-shortest game records.