4 December 2017 - 19:00

League Patch 7.24: The big health bar update is going live this week

Riot has been working on this one for a while.
Image via Riot Games

For the past few months on the PBE, Riot's design team has been testing an ambitious new system for the visuals of health bars, status effects, stat boosts, and more, and it's all going live with this week's League of Legends Patch 7.24.

With this new system, players won't have to relearn anything, as it all works essentially the same, it will just look different. The new visuals should make big moments much easier to notice, opening the door for more counterplay around power spikes, defensive windows, and special states like invulnerability.

Here is an example of the new health bars in action when a champion takes a large burst of damage.

Old health bar
New health bar

Similar, more dramatic effects will be added to the following areas to help players with clarity and counterplay, straight from the official patch notes:

  • Champion health bars
  • New mega states
  • Spell shielded
  • Invulnerable (updated)
  • New mortality states
  • Extra Life Available (Guardian Angel, Zilean Chronoshift, etc)
  • Resurrecting (crowd control text)
  • Unkillable (Tryndamere Undying Rage, Kindred Lamb's Respite)
  • New mobility state
  • Unstoppable (Malphite Unstoppable Force, Olaf Ragnarok)
  • New defensive window states
  • Armor shredded
  • MR shredded
  • Combo shredded
  • Armor up
  • MR up
  • Combo up
  • New impactful moments supported
  • Burst damage animation, and shake (we’ve included an option to turn this off)
  • Burst healing animation
  • General readability and responsiveness improvements including clearer damage colors and timing

There will also be new health bars and effects for non-champions, like the Baron Nashor, Rift Herald, Tibbers, and more. None of these non-champion health bars will have different sizes, but they will be changed stylistically. Health bar width for major objectives, towers, and monsters hasn't changed, either, to preserve Smite muscle memory for junglers.

This large update, as well as a long list of champion changes, go live with Patch 7.24 tomorrow on the North America server.

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