League of Legends fan delivers impressive Rubik’s Cube portrait of Doublelift

League fans are full of talent on and off the Rift.

Photo via Riot Games

A League of Legends fan named Lenishh recently created a remarkable portrait of Doublelift using 720 Rubik’s Cubes.

The work took Lenishh six hours and 43 minutes to assemble and 29 hours for the design. On his fiverr.com account, he offers such portraits to anyone for $85. The payment will give you the design, execution, filming, and editing of the portrait. But if you’re in a rush, you can order a two-day delivery for an extra $30.

This impressive creation was seen by Doublelift, who tweeted the YouTube video yesterday and said “holy shit this guy is amazing.” He isn’t the only streamer who reacted to his portrait, though. A couple of days ago, popular content creator xQc also reacted to his portrait done by Lenishh.

Lenishh has also made portraits of other League personalities in the past. He’s posted the videos of Rubik’s Cube portraits of Tyler1, Faker, Imaqtpie, YamatoCannon, and others on both his Reddit account and YouTube channel.

While his initial portraits from a couple of years ago may have had slightly imperfect pieces, Lenishh said he’s perfected the technique over the years and will try to deliver one portrait every week for fans to enjoy.

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