League fans are debating which champion would make the best Souls game boss

Who do you think would be the best fit?

The Runeterra universe began with League of Legends, but has expanded quite a bit over the years with the release of titles like Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and soon, the fighting and MMO projects within the universe.

One style of game that hasn’t been on the radar of Riot developers but is something that fans would seemingly be interesting in is a Souls-like in the world of Runeterra.

A post to the League subreddit has got fans debating which League of Legends champion would make the most difficult boss in a Souls-style game. Made popular by the Dark Souls trilogy, Souls-like games see players take on bosses with extremely intricate abilities and incredible power, making the penalty for being hit severe and resulting in many, many deaths.

Given this, fans have taken inspiration from the champions in League and their current skillsets to determine who would make the transition to this style of game the best. Frontrunners included Zed for his diverse skillset and high damage attacks, Fiora for her weapon mastery, and Karthus due to his unavoidable offense and post-death abilities.

One champion that would seemingly fit perfectly with any Souls title today is Aatrox. Fans suggested his old passive which revived him after death would have made the perfect logic, as most bosses in recent Souls games have multiple phases, some similarly after death.

It’s not likely we’ll see a game like this within the Runeterra universe soon, but it’s always fun to speculate and reimagine the League champions in another context.