League fan splices sound effects from Hades, applies them to Jhin’s abilities

"In the name of Hades."

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends fan with a knack for sound design has created a unique mashup between one of the game’s champions, Jhin, and a series of sound effects from Supergiant Games’ roguelite title Hades

The video of the mashup, which was shared on Reddit, shows Jhin striking down training dummies on Summoner’s Rift while displaying sound effects from Hades overlaid on top of the champion’s abilities. 

Each of Jhin’s abilities was enhanced with sounds from Hades, with the final bounce of his Dancing Grenade (Q) being combined with the sound of laughter that Zagreus encounters when accepting a boon from Dionysus. Jhin’s Captive Audience (E) showcases the sound of Zagreus stepping into a Chaos Gate.

Jhin’s ultimate ability, Curtain Call (R), which is usually accompanied by a unique melody, triggers the unique song that plays whenever Zagreus dies in Hades, while Hades’ laugh can be heard after the fourth shot of the ability goes off. 

After posting the video of their work to Reddit, a comment was made on the thread by Emmanuel Lagumbay, a sound designer at Riot Games. Lagumbay went on to critique each of the sound effects and how they fit with Jhin’s kit, commenting on the “clarity of all the elements,” and how “everything has a unique and distinct function, which is something [he’d] want to hear when doing SFX for a skin.” 

A full video that goes over the creator’s process for this sound design project was posted to their personal YouTube channel.