League fan makes a delicious-looking Summoner’s Rift made out of gingerbread

The mouth-watering map is perfect for the holiday season.

Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends community is truly one of the most creative fan bases, and one fan just proved their dedication to the game by recreating Summoner’s Rift gingerbread-style just in time for the holiday season.

Over the past 10 years, we have seen fans do some truly remarkable things, including using LEGO bricks to recreate the map, recreating Demacia brick for brick in Minecraft, and now turning the entirety of Summoner’s Rift into a festive edible Gingerbread creation.

Reddit user NoBear2 talked about what went into creating the small diorama, stating that their family creates gingerbread houses around Christmas to celebrate the holiday season. The edible Summoner’s Rift took an hour and a half to make, while decorating took two and a half hours, according to NoBear2.

The walls in both bases on either side of the Rift are made from small bars of chocolate, while the dragon pit is its own mini Krackle bar. The walls throughout the jungle are made from pretzels and M&ms make up the map’s bushes and other terrain.

Perhaps fans will see a similar candy-themed version of the map make it into the game eventually as an event. After all, we already have the new Sugar Rush skins hitting the Rift next week, so it’s the perfect timing for a mouth-watering candy map.