League fan edits official animations into anime opening

Who knew League and Sword Art Online would be such a great combination?

Image via Riot Games

Outside of cinematics and the recent Netflix animated series Arcane, League of Legends fans don’t have many to see their favorite champions’ stories intertwine and grow past established lore. This has led many fans to imagine ways that League could venture into other visual works in the future.

One of these fans took the story of two popular champions and created an anime opening for it, as seen in a video posted to Reddit. Using the Spirit Blossom and Season 2019 Start animations as a base, this fan stitched together an opening for a potential anime series centered around the pair of brothers, Yasuo and Yone, and the trials and tribulations that led them to where they are now in League.

The iconic first opening for Sword Art Online, “Crossing Fields” by LiSA, plays in the background of this masterfully crafted fan idea, adding an extra layer of suspense around an animation that already highlighted the difficult relationship these brothers have. In typical anime opening fashion, the creator began his rendition of the opening with a build-up of Yasuo and Yone’s relationship, slowly advancing into action as the music became more intense. The opening ends with a wide shot of Yasuo and Yone after their battle, as if giving fans a tease at what they could expect to see at some point in the anime series.

Though this is just a concept created by a fan, simply stitching together bits and pieces of various League cinematics and animations has the potential to create massive hype around a hypothetical new anime series for the game in the future. At this moment, however, no such series has been announced or teased to be a reality.

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