League fan designs concept for Arcana Fiddlesticks

This artist made the Ancient Fear even more scary.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ Arcana thematic has become one of the more popular skin lines in recent years, fusing recognizable champions with designs present on various tarot cards. Many fans have taken the opportunity to create their own concepts of what may fit in future additions to the thematic if it returns.

Instead of tarot cards focused on fortune and prosperity, one fan created a skin based on the concept of Death. Reddit user Silvarspark designed a skin centered around Death for none other than Fiddlesticks, one of League’s most mysterious and horrific champions, who thrives on scaring its enemies.

This fan concept for Arcana Fiddlesticks takes advantage of the Ancient Fear’s design as a scarecrow with a giant scythe and attempts to make it even more menacing. Here, Fiddlesticks dons a sinister red cloak fitting the trend with the other Arcana skins, while a skull lays on its shoulder. Its face has become even more creepy, losing its eyes and receiving a wide skeletal smile.

Fiddlesticks’ scythe, on the other hand, appears celestial, acting as the least-menacing part of this design. The artist noted that they based a lot of this Arcana fan skin for Fiddlesticks on the Venetian Carnival outfits and masks, as well as included influences from a handful of other tarot cards with a focus on Death, as evidenced by its theme and the 13 in roman numerals above the art.

The Arcana skin line in League debuted in 2021 with skins for Xerath, Camille, Lucian, and Tahm Kench, but Riot Games hasn’t confirmed its return this year. Should the thematic make a reappearance, designs like this fan concept for Fiddlesticks would allow even the most peculiar champions to embody traits and designs from tarot cards and their unique styles.

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