League fan creates new rune idea that would allow players to plant a Honeyfruit, Blast Cone, or Scryer's Bloom

Some fans are looking to replace Omnistone.

Image via Riot Games

When Omnistone first debuted in League of Legends, the player reception was mixed. As a result, one fan has imagined a new rune to take Omnistone’s place that would let players plant a Honeyfruit, Blast Cone, or Scryer’s Bloom anywhere on the map.

The rune—temporarily named Sow—would work with the player planting a seed on the map. After a few seconds, the plant would grow into one of the three various Summoner’s Rift plants. When one plant is used, the next one is queued up and all three are cycled around in this fashion.

This fan-made rune could make for some great plays in various roles. Support champions with no sustain, for example, could take this rune to spawn Honeyfruit into their lane. They could also disengage or prevent a gank by planting a Blast Cone to knock back enemies and jump away from the fight.

The utility that this rune would provide later on in the game could be game-changing, too. Payers could spawn in a Scryer’s Bloom to get vision of Baron or the dragon pit before a deciding teamfight.

Some League fans like the idea of this rune, even though it might need some adjusting or tweaking. Players said that the fan-made rune was “niche, rule-breaking, and weird,” which would make it perfect for the Inspiration tree.