League fan creates new detailed 3D model for Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank might have looked similar to this if he was released today.

Image via Riot Games

As more champions are released in League of Legends, some of the familiar faces that made their debut in the game years ago are placed on the sidelines. This leaves many fans wondering what they could look like using the technology available today.

One fan took Blitzcrank, a champion that has been synonymous with League for years, and put him in a new light by creating a 3D model for the Great Steam Golem. This version of Blitzcrank places more emphasis on his steampunk nature, highlighting all the bells and whistles that went into creating this champion.

This particular model of Blitzcrank appears to take inspiration from his model in Wild Rift, where he appears much more round and less jagged than his League counterpart. Here, Blitzcrank looks like an actual work-in-progress, rather than a perfect machine that Viktor sought to build. The fan even went as far as including stains of grease and oil all over Blitzcrank’s body to highlight the champion being hand-made.

Many other fans in the comments suggested that this model for Blitzcrank could easily appear in season two of Netflix’s Arcane, which was confirmed to be in development. Others believed that a Blitzcrank of this style could be a perfect fit in the upcoming MMO set in the League universe, though not much information is known about it.

The creator of this Blitzcrank model noted that it took them about a month to piece this project together. Creating this model required the use of multiple programs to get the texture, colors, and animations just right. Their ArtStation page also includes an idle animation for Blitzcrank, giving the Great Steam Golem a pep in his step.

While Blitzcrank’s model certainly hasn’t held up too nicely over the years, this champion remains one of the most recognizable out of all of League’s cast and might be the recipient of some touch-ups like this model suggests at some point in the future.