League fan creates breathtaking pixel art game inspired by Arcane

Jinx has become one of the faces of League of Legends since her initial release in 2013.

Image via Riot Games

Since its initial release in late-2021, Arcane has become a big Netflix hit and both League of Legends players and series viewers are still finding ways to create amazing fan art, marvelous cosplays, and unique videos to honor the show and the game it’s based on. 

This time, that admiration comes in the form of a pixel animation. Reddit user StudioBaku posted a 42-second video titled “Get Jinxed – Pixel Art Game Version” earlier this month.

Throughout the clip, Jinx is seen moving around the pixelated world. The popular League champion is seen dancing and looking around before ending the video in shock with white streaks around her, similar to what’s seen in the show.

The video draws inspiration from League’s hit-animated series Arcane, where Jinx is featured as the main character of the series. Combining both the popularity of the Arcane show and Jinx, the video has been well-received since its initial posting on Reddit.

“This is just amazing, thank you for creating it, I would love to play a game based on this even if it’s just about a day in Jinx’s life, really beautiful work,” Reddit user AndraxxusB said.

The song in the background is an eight-bit rendition of “Get Jinxed,” which was released on Oct. 9, 2013, coinciding with Jinx’s release as a champion in League. The music video itself is responsible for the initial rise in Jinx’s popularity and has 113 million views on YouTube at time of writing. Now, the Loose Cannon is terrorizing both Summoner’s Rift and the hearts of many League fans years later.

“Jinx began development round about 10 years ago,” Reddit user Caenen_ said. “Wonder if u/RiotAugust would’ve expected the character to be popular beyond League today back then when he started at Riot?”

Jinx is a staple in both casual and competitive League, where she is a prominent pick for AD carry mains. And following the success of Arcane, she’s sure to be featured in more projects like this one. For now, fans can draw excitement for the second season of Arcane, which was announced in a teaser that highlights voices from Caitlyn, Jinx, and Vi. 

The release date is likely to fall sometime at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023, based on the initial release of the first season. Until then, all nine episodes of Arcane season one are now streaming on Netflix for you to catch up on or analyze before the second season.