Disconnection issues reported, ranked queues disabled on League of Legends’ European servers

The issues are affecting EUW, EUNE, RU, and TR servers.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ season 11 isn’t running that smoothly for players from Europe. Since Patch 11.1 was introduced to the game, the EUW servers have been experiencing various issues over the last few days.

These problems started to plague the game again earlier today. Players on the EUW servers aren’t able to connect to the game anymore and several have started complaining on the official subreddit. This issue also affects players from the EUNE, Russian, and Turkish servers, according to the server status pages.

Those who already logged in were kicked out of League during the banning phase of their next game. The issues surfaced at approximately 2:35pm CT.

If you’ve been experiencing this issue or can’t log into the game, the problem isn’t on your end. It’s from Riot Games’ servers.

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The developer has already acknowledged this problem. Some players can log in into the game again and they’re greeted by these updates:

  • Ranked queues disabled: “Ranked queues are temporarily disabled while we investigate an issue that’s negatively impacting games.”
  • Game disconnection issues: “We’re aware of a problem causing players to disconnect from their games and are investigating the problem.”
  • Account transferts unavailable: “Account transfers are currently unavailable while we work on a reported issue.”

Those problems seemingly don’t affect competitive matches, however. The official French league experienced a short pause when the issue surfaced, but the matches are now running smoothly.

The official server status page on Riot’s website was also updated to inform players of the disconnection issues. The developer has yet to give a time window on when the ranked queues will be enabled again, but it’s working to resolve the issue.

This article will be updated when more information is provided about fixing the issue affecting the European servers.

Update Jan. 20 3:20pm CT: The ranked queues have been enabled again on the EUW servers. Players who were kicked out during the selection phase of ranked games haven’t lost points.

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