Rekkles scores pentakill with Vayne

Today we saw the best individual League of Legends performance of the entire year of the League Championship Series

Today we saw the best individual League of Legends performance of the entire year of the League Championship Series.

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson and his Vayne lead Fnatic to their seventh straight victory, tallying a ridiculous 18 kills in a win over Copenhagen Wolves. His 18 kills are the second most ever in a single match in the LCS, one behind the record of 19 held by William “Scarra” Li and his Master Yi.

Larsson now holds the single game kill record in the European LCS, ahead of the fifteen kills tallied by Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg in the Spring Split of last year and the fifteen put up by Erik “TabzZ” van Helvert in week five this season. The Fnatic man nearly seized the overall mark at the end of the match, but the last two remaining Wolves players managed to escape his wrath by hiding in their fountain. 

Larsson bolstered the performance with an impressive pentakill, mowing down the entire Copenhagen Wolves team, vaulting left and right as his stake launcher made quick work of his hapless foes.

At the end of the day Larsson’s Vayne finished with an 18/0/3 KDA line. His team as a whole posted 25 kills total, giving him 72% of the Kill Share. The match lasted a total of 31 minutes and 35 seconds, giving Larsson over a kill per two minutes.

He earned 17868 gold during the bout for an insane 566 Gold Per Minute. His pile of cash total more than tripled the lowest earning player on Wolves, the support Petar “Unlimited” Georgiev, and more than doubled the totals put up by the top lane and jungler.

Larsson pulled ahead early by abusing Wolves top laner Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool, whose Renekton couldn’t seem to stay away from the deadly Vayne. Steltenpool gave up four early kills to Larsson, donating gold to one of the best scaling champions in the game. Vayne quickly became a roaming mid game monster. Larsson ruined the LCS debut of Copenhagen Wolves’ new mid laner, Søren “SorenxD” Holdt Frederiksen.

The game put together by the Swedish marksman was superb. He was perfect in picking the right times to vault in aggressively and the right spots to back out, allowing him to put together a number of multi kills. But the pentakill was the real crowd pleaser, as shown by this excited fan who could barely contain her excitement as Larsson searched for that fifth kill.

It was a great day for Fnatic, now 14-7 on the season and just one game behind Alliance for first place in the European LCS.

Screengrab via Riot Games/YouTube