22 June 2015 - 21:45

LCK Week 5: Top Picks in Each Role

LCK Week 5 top picks in each role. Maokai has taken the lead in top lane. Annie shoves her way to the #2 spot in support. Top #1 Maokai #2 Ryze #3 Rumble Maokai has taken the helm for top lane this week.

LCK Week 5 top picks in each role. Maokai has taken the lead in top lane. Annie shoves her way to the #2 spot in support.






#1 Maokai

#2 Ryze

#3 Rumble


Maokai has taken the helm for top lane this week. He is a safe choice in the top lane that can excel in several different situations he is placed in along with eventually becoming a monster tank. Double jungle, 2v1, 1v1, and even when behind Maokai can be relevant.

Ryze fell two second this week. To believe that Maokai topped him is a surprise to me, but with Ryze being banned so often I don’t think teams are practicing him much.

Rumble will remain a top 3 pick. Equalizer is just too strong in team fights and Rumble does surprisingly high damage when ahead.



#1 Viktor

#2 Leblanc

#3 Azir/Varus


Like the Chinese scene Viktor is on top in the mid lane. A strong burst followed up by great scaling throughout the game gives Viktor a lot of attention. Also, Viktor’s upgraded item has very high value thanks to it giving AP, mana, and upgrading an ability.

Leblanc fell down a bit. She might fall even more if we base her ban/pick in LPL. With her distortion being slow and smaller chain width it makes her harder to play and easier to punish.

Azir and Varus share the third spot. Azir remains a strong pick, but due to his difficulty and players getting overzealous with doing the shurima shuffle can place Azir in bad positions. Varus also is a reasonably strong pick thanks to being a bit of a lane bully and strong poke in the mid game to take turrets.



#1 Gragas

#2 Rek’sai

#3 Evelynn


Not much change here. Gragas keeps the title. A kit that excels in several different situations and Gragas scales well with health which helps since he goes Cinder Hulk.

Rek’sai is second this week unlike the LPL scene. Rek’sai has the global and early presence to take over games, but she can be easily kited at times.

Evelynn is still getting attention in LCK. Her unique passive makes her a threat throughout the map and if played correctly she can snowball games very hard.



#1 Alistar

#2 Annie

#3 Nautilus/Thresh


Alistar is pulverizing the competition and won’t stop until he is tweaked or if new OP support suddenly comes out.

Annie is second place all of a sudden now. Annie seems to always come back into the meta due to her strong engage, harassing ability in lane, and kill lane potential.

Nautilus and Thresh are in the third spot. They both provide CC and have hooks. Nautilus provides more CC than Thresh, but Thresh provides more disengage than Nautilus.



#1 Kalista

#2 Sivir

#3 Corki


Not much change in the ADC as usual. Kalista holds the helm with her commanding early game and dragon/baron control.

However, Sivir is in my opinion just as strong. Sivir meshes well in almost every comp. She provides wave clear, disengage, engage, and even some safety to herself with her E.

Corki is the #3 ADC. He has poke, mid game spikes, and good burst damage before falling off late. If Kalista and Sivir aren’t up then Corki is a pretty good pick up.


Credits to LoLesports for the VODs and Riot games for the pictures. 

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