Former LCK superstar inSec joins Origen’s European Masters roster

Origen is back, and the organization is bringing in the big guns.

Image via Origen

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Choi “inSec” In-seok, the former LCK and LPL superstar who made “the inSec kick” famous on Lee Sin, is joining Origen, according to the team’s tweet today.

Origen, the team and organization owned by former pro player Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez, is coming back to the competitive League of Legends scene after its disastrous fallout in 2017, and inSec marks the team’s first signed player.

Origen will compete in the upcoming European Masters competition, a European tournament consisting of the best teams from several minor regional leagues. Not only is Origen returning to compete, but it also seems like xPeke will play again, too, according to the organization’s tweet today. Most shockingly, though, is the signing of inSec, who has been out of work since last December.

Other endemic media outlets speculated that Origen’s cryptic tweets yesterday signaled a return to the EU LCS after Riot’s announcement of franchising in the region. European Masters seemed more realistic, however, as Origen would have no means to join the LCS without relegation, a Challenger team, or another current LCS team suddenly getting kicked out or disbanding.

Much like the NA LCS’ franchising process last year, the EU LCS is currently at the very beginning of the application process, so it could take upwards of six to eight months before any team announces their participation in the newly-franchised league.

Origen tweeted out yesterday that the organization is currently in “Team Builder Mode,” using a tweet that the team originally made in 2014, which means more player announcements will likely follow suit soon.