LCK highlights Ruler’s mechanics on Kai’Sa in first week of 2021 LCK Spring Split

The former world champion used Kai'Sa as a diver to pick up a quick triple kill.

Image via Riot Games

The LCK production team is back in action with the first weekly Mad Movie of the 2021 LCK Spring Split.

During the match between Gen.G and KT Rolster on Jan. 13, Ruler popped off on Kai’Sa. And today, the LCK released a breathtaking snippet of his play for all League of Legends fans to enjoy.

While most ADC players might prefer to stay in the backline and provide sustained damage from a safe distance, Ruler likes to dive into the enemy team headfirst or flank them before they realize what happened. His mechanical prowess on Kai’Sa is unmatched and he looks like one of the best ADCs in the LCK right now.

Ruler began the flank by using his empowered E to gain invisibility to move into the fight untouched before unleashing a full combo of Q, Galeforce, and auto attacks to take down the opposing ADC while he was stunned. After this, he focused on the next closest champion, the opposing support.

While taking down the enemy Thresh, he saw an opportunity on the low-health Pantheon and sniped him with his W, using his kit’s potential to the fullest. With the fight almost done, Ruler used his ultimate to dash to the last opponent for an assist as well. This triple kill and assist gave Ruler plenty of gold to invest into other powerful items to finish the game.

League fans can look forward to another impressive Mad Movie highlight reel from the league’s production team next week.

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