LCK 2020 Spring Split finals peaked at over one million viewers

T1 swept Gen.G for their third title in a row.

Photo via Riot Games

The 2020 LCK Spring Split finals between Gen.G and T1 was one of the most anticipated matchups in the League of Legends community, with over one million people tuning into the series today at its highest peak viewership.

The match between the top two LCK finishers of the spring season reached 1,074,561 viewers at its peak, according to Esports Charts. The series almost had triple the number of peak viewers than the LCS Spring Finals, which peaked at 379,000 viewers, and took Europe’s crown for the league with the highest number of peak viewers.

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After losing twice to T1 during the regular season, Gen.G looked like they could lose their top spot in the region’s standings. But the team finished first in the regular season to await their opponent in the final leg of the playoffs.

T1, on the other hand, had to go through DragonX in the semifinals earlier in the week for their chance at the title. The former world champions dismantled their opponents in a 3-1 victory and looked prepared going into the finals match against Gen.G today.

With this win over Gen.G, T1 won their third LCK title in a row. Considering T1 made adjustments to their roster at the beginning of the season, the win must be encouraging for their new members Cuzz and Canna, who was a rookie out of T1’s trainee roster.

Though the current iteration of T1 seems to be on the same page and performing well, fans will have to wait a bit longer to see them perform on a global stage. Riot Games canceled this year’s Mid-Season Invitational due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The LPL 2020 Spring Finals are next on May 2. Before a victor is crowned, however, Invictus Gaming will play against Top Esports on April 26 and JD Gaming will take on FunPlus Phoenix April 27 for a spot in the finals.