Katarina player gets a dagger kill from across the map in League of Legends

The Jhin had no idea what was coming for him.

Image via Riot Games

Picking up kills with Katarina can be quite easy. One League of Legends player decided to take things up a notch by getting a perfect cross-map kill in an URF game.

The player initially threw their dagger at the opposing Jhin, who was in the process of completing his recall in the bottom lane. With the dagger having a long travel time, Jhin managed to complete their recall and move toward the top lane using the URF cannon.

While Jhin was having a small skirmish with two opponents on the opposing side of the map, Katarina’s dagger kept flying through the air with the desire to take down the Virtuoso.

As the players fought in the top lane, Katarina’s dagger arrived at the perfect time. It finished off the low-health Jhin, giving Katarina the kill gold and a Dark Harvest stack in the process. While the other team was likely tilted after such a play, Katarina probably said it was all calculated.

Following this amazing cross-map kill, Katarina’s team started spamming the traditional missing pings since they likely didn’t realize what just happened.

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